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Our Live WordPress Training Classes
We provide private, one-on-one, online training classes that are customized to your training goals and to the WordPress website or theme that you want to learn.

We use WebEx to deliver the private online training.

To schedule your classes we look at the days and times that you are available and schedule you with one of our certified WordPress instructors that also have that time available.

We can schedule your classes on weekends and evenings by appointment.

Learn to Manage Any WordPress Website
If you want to learn to manage a specific WordPress website, I would recommend the WordPress Fundamentals Program or the WordPress Administrator Certification Training Package.

Learn to Build WordPress Websites
If you want to learn how to build WordPress websites for yourself or for clients, I would recommend the WordPress Administrator Certification Training Package or the WordPress Front End Developer Certification Training Package.

You can invite up to 7 attendees, from anywhere in the world, to your training classes. The first two attendees are included in the price of any training program you choose.

We Record Your Live Training Classes
All of our training classes are recorded and available for free download when you’re finished training!

Free WordPress Basic Training Videos
We also give you and your team lifetime access to our WordPress basic training video site. We require that you watch our WordPress basic training videos prior to your live training classes. This will teach you the terminology we use in our training classes, and the basic WordPress technology prior to your live training.


Basic to advanced wordpress training available.A Fraction of the Cost
Our customized WordPress training classes are a small fraction of the cost you would pay at a University, an Art Institute, a Technical School or a Community College. And while their training can take up to 11 months to complete, we can teach you to master your WordPress theme and manage all your content in as little as four hours!

WordPress Front-end Developer Certification Training Package
Call for pricing – 877-844-9931

WordPress Administrator Certification Training Package for
Call for pricing – 877-844-9931

WordPress Fundamentals Program

WordPress Quick Start Class

WordPress Quick Start Class

WordPress Basics Class

WordPress Live Support

eCommerce Class

Advanced SEO Class

Page Layout Class

WordPress Security Training Class

Social Media Class

Multisite Class

CSS and Child Themes Master Class

WordPress and PHP Basics


Start Today!
To register for your classes call 877-844-9931 or complete the form below.

We will contact you by telephone and guide you through the enrollment process. We will also answer your questions and review your class selections.

Once you have enrolled we will schedule your classes on the days and times you have available.

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Our Satisfied Clients

Brandy really was a great teacher. We went through so much of the process and I feel like I have an enormous leg up on where I was before the class. I am looking forward to taking the next steps and applying what I’ve learned and building websites using WordPress.
Mark Ledbetter,
I don’t know where else I could get this information! It will take me a while to digest, after watching the recordings of the class. Thanks!
Tom Dougherty,
I thought the training was comprehensive and the flow was consistent. I look forward to doing another session within a couple of weeks.
John Moreno
I was thrilled with the work that Chris did with me. He has the right combination of expert knowledge and temperament for working directly with clients wanting to learn about WordPress.
Don Wright
Very informative. The classes covered so much I have to go back and study.
Joe Weissinger
The training was great – we learned at our pace.
Lisa Harmon
Very informative. Am planning on taking more classes and would recommend.
Chris Ferch
First of all, we were very appreciative of how promptly Rick was able to get us scheduled for our initial training sessions. When a change in one of the times was necessary, that was resolved immediately. We were very happy with our trainer, Chris, and his knowledge of the WordPress product.
Chris is an amazing teacher. As always we enjoyed our training and learned so much. Thank you. You are the best!
Faith Triandos
Just like in my first session with Chris, he gave me all the info I needed and was of immediate help with my specific problems. I’m a fan.
Don Wright
Awesome! Rick customized the training session to fit my needs and it exceeded my expectations.
Jen Saunders,
Shawn did an amazing job! I’ve been raving about his class to everyone since the first day. I’m definitely happy I decided to go with the WP Learning Center for my WP training and I’ll definitely be signing up for additional classes!
Jaimie du Bois
Working with Chris has been fun and engaging. I appreciate the fact that he does his best to simplify what can be a complicated, multi-faceted project.
Heather Stalker,
AMAZING! Fantastic session. I can’t wait to do another one!
Stephanie Turzanski,
Everything that we learned was very helpful. We have pages and pages of notes.
Brigitte Burkholder,
Excellent – I learned a lot and the one-on-one is priceless compared to group training. I will be back for more advanced training now that I am getting deeper into WP and building new sites.
Jeff Muschar
I am extremely happy with the results. I brought in a broken website and left with a fully functional website. We also did some cleanup and some reformatting that really helped a lot. I have gotten a great response from people who have seen the website. I will be able to blog with confidence and make changes as needed. I am now proud to send people to my site.
Burjor Dastor
Once again, you guys did an amazing job. I’m so happy I decided to take the advanced classes. I’ve already been able to apply what I learned to make my site so much better!
Jaimie du Boise
Excellent, It was a very informative and very engaging class and can’t wait to begin applying learnings into my websites.
Jeanette Morales,
Monica was great and really knows her stuff. Very personable, “shares wells with others.” She was even able to recommend a strategy for managing two plus WordPress sites.
Tamara Gurbis
Chris was fantastic! After my first session with Chris I was able to get significant optimization on google and my progress is significant. The lessons were clear and decisive. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Chris and would recommend him highly.
John Moreno
Rick, thank you so much. Your instructors are absolutely wonderful and I can’t tell you how grateful I am to have had such a terrific experience with your company. I would not hesitate to recommend you highly to anyone I know and I will be back to ask for some consulting work from time to time. Again, thank you.
Linda Peterson,
The fundamentals class far exceeded my expectations. We customized the training to my goals and needs; pacing was just right; and I learned a lot in a very short period of time hands-on. Armed with new skills and a better understanding of SEO, widgets, plug-ins, sliders and posts/pages, I’ve already begun to overhaul my old website to better fit my business needs. Only regret is that I didn’t find WP Training sooner.
I have recommended your services to several people already. Your training is outstanding! Thank you not only for providing a good standard series of courses, but allowing your instructors to have the flexibility to meet the student’s needs and interests! I look forward to taking more training sessions from your company in the future.
The training, as usual was great. I had a list of what I wanted to accomplish and we did that and more!
Lisa Harmon,
Great. Lots of information.
Ana Quigley
This was excellent help. I very much appreciate all the training. Special thanks to my trainer Chris.
Sara Kasper
The live site training was great. Chris was very easy to work with, understood what we needed, and helped us make the changes in the one hour time. We will definitely use WP Training Courses for our future training.
Christina Stormson,
It was awesome. Was so worth the money for Live Support. Ian was just what I was looking for. I am going to keep using him. Kudos to him!!!
I think the classes were great one-on-one classes. My instructor was friendly and very knowledgeable and was able to explain the subject matter concisely.
Bernadette August
I am so pleased with my experience. Chris was absolutely fantastic.
Mark Richardson
I thought the class was great, and well worth the fee. Chris was very knowledgeable, good at explaining and a pleasure to learn from. I feel like I learned a lot, and would definitely take another class in the future.
Natasha Hakala,
Chris was a great trainer, I got a lot of great information from our session.
Kelly Lucas,
Overall, very happy how Ian was able to answer specific questions. Now, to review videos as I have already forgotten what he taught!! Nice to have the basic library of training videos as well. Well managed. Appreciate Colleen’s work.
Ian did a great job addressing my questions and making me more comfortable with WordPress. I think I can do my own SEO now and now hire it out.
Chris is outstanding at training!!
Chris and your entire organization were GREAT!
Rene Curbelo
Ian was a great instructor. Very patient and flexible, always making sure my questions were answered!
Kathi Sewak
Ian was awesome. Professional and very knowledgeable. Helped me to understand what I needed to do and how to do it. I am going to schedule another class. I am very happy. Thank you.
The training was great. My questions were answered directly, and the improvement to our site was immediate. The 1 on 1 training is well worth the price.
Brian Harmison,
Good course and the instructor certainly knew Word Press. The WordPress Fundamentals course was a great start for me. In the future I plan on taking the advanced courses.
Richard Graves,
It was good – Chris is an excellent teacher with a lot of expertise
Always very informative, will keep coming back!
The training was really great! My teacher, Ian, was very good. very patient and explained everything in detail. Don’t lose him!
The training went great. The best part was being able to replay the webex session at home. This has been invaluable to go back and listen and learn at a slower pace.
Jerome Arnold
The class was very helpful.
Grelan Muse
Loved the class! Very Helpful. Great class.
Catherene Cardinale,
Chris is so great! I really appreciate that he was not only flexible with our systems trouble and tacked on an extra hour to accommodate, but he also let me derail the syllabus and get into the weeds on a ton of real-life, real-time, practical problems. Our session was completely fantastic, and I’m so appreciative! Looking forward to the next sessions as well.
Chris did a fantastic job! A lot of people write this kind of accolade, but I truly mean it.
Daniel Dippel
This class helped us update our website. We learned a lot; looking forward to learning more.
Mary Lou Porter,
The first class with Chris was fantastic! Chris was awesome!!
Ian is excellent and made me feel very comfortable.
It was an excellent training and the response to questions was quick and thorough. The class being specific to our site made all the difference. I would like to take additional classes as I learn to build additional sites. The help from the staff was very much appreciated. Colleen was very helpful, as were Richard and Joshua. Thank you.
Darlene Embleton,
Ian was very helpful…as always. I’ve been able to move ahead on my own and will definitely be scheduling more time in the future I’m sure!
Chris is always so insightful as to how to improve my website. He explains things so clearly and is so patient.
Beverly Mandell,
Ian the instructor was very good and helped us a lot. His knowledge of the software was apparent. He answered all our questions and gave helpful recommendations. Web ex worked well. I would recommend to a friend.
Ian, has been great. Very flexible with course structure. Very learner-centric approach.
DeShaun Montgomery,
4 Star meeting and professional… Well Done as always!
Excellent! I enjoyed the class and learned a lot. Ian the instructor was so helpful and willing to answer all of my questions. I will definitely come back to complete the 2 levels.
Grethel Noble,
This training was so informative and was so specialized for my needs. I will recommend this training for those who need help.
Chris was fabulous! He was easy to understand, and didn’t make me feel like a moron! I especially appreciated his immediate responsiveness to whatever we were asking at the time. Chris was easy to work with. He was very patient and clear in his instruction. He also quickly responded to us after class when we had website issues.
Jessica Breslin,
Chris is an awesome instructor, very knowledgeable and encouraging, I learned quite a bit and hopefully can now apply that knowledge to improve our company’s website. I look forward to my upcoming classes with WP Learning Center. Thanks!
Cindy Wicka,
Ian was very thorough when explaining details about the application of dashboard options and settings. He was flexible in his approach to focus on my questions and helped me understand the application in a more intuitive way going forward. I appreciate his expert advice, professional manner, and patient effort.
Bonnie Eggers
Chris is the greatest! Patient and always gets me out of the jam I have created.
Dennis Moses
My training session was a great experience. I learned a lot and felt very comfortable with my teacher. He was extremely patient and knowledgeable.
Beth Kirchner,
The class was really informative for us. We learned how to do Facebook threads and it was very easy to understand.
The course was awesome, very helpful.
Mike Roberts
The class went really well, I learned a lot and am looking forward to building our new site.
Jesse Rambis
Good job of keying in on our specific site and the integral maintenance and potential improvement issues.
Darlene Embleton,
The training was very informative and we enjoyed and learned from it. The instructor was great, the planning was excellent. Thank you and we really appreciate it.
I learned a lot that was very helpful.
Thank you for the incredible sessions on WordPress training.
Maryta Montgomery,
I thoroughly enjoyed the sessions. They were structured and methodical which is how I learn. Chris was AWESOME!!
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