WordPress eCommerce Class

In this course we’ll show you how easy it is to build a fully functional eCommerce website and work with you to setup your shopping cart for the first time.

Learn how to build a Woocommerce shopping cart, setup products and manage your orders.

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Course Info – WordPress eCommerce Class


What does the WordPress eCommerce Class cover?

After you have completed the WordPress eCommerce Class you will have gained an understanding of the following:

  • Building a fully functional eCommerce website and setup of your shopping cart for the first time.
  • Payment gateway options, merchant accounts and banking
  • Shipping solutions, taxes, inventory and featured products
  • Using third party eCommerce systems and shopping carts with WordPress

How do I schedule my classes?

We accommodate your schedule. You tell us the days and times you are available for training and we will schedule your live training with a certified WordPress instructor that has that time available.

We also offer weekend and evening classes by appointment.

How is this class delivered?

We use WebEx to deliver the WordPress Ecommerce Class. You may have up to 7 attendees in your class, the first two attendees are included in the price of the training program you choose. With WebEx we record your live training classes in high definition video and archive your training classes. After your training you can then download the recording of your live training class at no charge.

This class is customizable to your training goals, your theme, and your schedule. The day before your class your instructor will email you a WebEx invite. Five minutes before your scheduled class, just click the join now button on your invitation. Call in on the phone number provided so we can have your voice and questions on your recording.

Who should take this class?

The WordPress Ecommerce Class is for beginners to intermediates. If you are just starting out in WordPress and want to learn how to manage your WordPress theme and your content, this class is a perfect starting point. The WordPress Ecommerce Class, Master Class, Developer Class, and Security Class were all developed to enable anyone, with zero experience, to master their WordPress website or build WordPress websites as a career.

What are the requirements?

You do not need any prior experience or training to take the WordPress Ecommerce Class. The only requirements are that you have a computer with a working internet connection, a phone to call in to your class, or a VoIP account with a microphone and speakers connected to your computer. It is also recommended to have WordPress installed with Administrator level access to your WordPress site. If you do not have WordPress installed, we can always train you on one of our WordPress development sites.

What comes with the WordPress Fundamentals Class?

  • Lifetime access to our video tutorial website
  • Live, private, online training for up to 7 attendees
  • FREE video download of your live training sessions


WordPress eCommerce Class – $199

Certification Available
If you have questions regarding certification, enrollment or scheduling your classes, please call 877-844-9931.

Course Highlights

  • Certification Available For This Class
  • FREE Recording of Your Live Classes Included With This Program
  • Lifetime Access to Our Basic Training Videos
  • Live, Private, Online Training

Topics Covered

  • Themes for WooCommerce
  • Other shopping cart solutions
  • Product information
  • SKU
    • Images
    • UPC
    • Weight
    • Dimensions
    • Box dimensions
  • Pricing and taxes
  • Payment gateways and banking
  • Shipping solutions
  • Customer Information
  • Inventory
    • Featured products
    • Up-sell
    • Cross-sell
  • Coupons
  • Reports
  • Plugin Settings
  • 3rd Party eCommerce systems

Helpful Information

Our Live WordPress Training Classes
We provide private, one-on-one, online training classes that are customized to your training goals and to the WordPress website or theme that you want to learn.

We use WebEx to deliver the private online training.

To schedule your classes we look at the days and times that you are available and schedule you with one of our certified WordPress instructors that also have that time available.

We can schedule your classes on weekends and evenings by appointment.

Learn to Manage Any WordPress Website
If you want to learn to manage a specific WordPress website, I would recommend the WordPress Fundamentals Program or the WordPress Administrator Certification Training Package.

Learn to Build WordPress Websites
If you want to learn how to build WordPress websites for yourself or for clients, I would recommend the WordPress Administrator Certification Training Package or the WordPress Front End Developer Certification Training Package.

You can invite up to 7 attendees, from anywhere in the world, to your training classes. The first two attendees are included in the price of any training program you choose.

We Record Your Live Training Classes
All of our training classes are recorded and available for free download when you’re finished training!

Free WordPress Basic Training Videos
We also give you and your team lifetime access to our WordPress basic training video site. We require that you watch our WordPress basic training videos prior to your live training classes. This will teach you the terminology we use in our training classes, and the basic WordPress technology prior to your live training.


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